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Image for Lost Dorsai

Lost Dorsai

By: Dickson, Gordon R.

Price: $1.50

Publisher: Penguin Putnam~mass: October 1981

Seller ID: 21454

ISBN: 0441493009

Condition: Used - Acceptable

There are many legends on the planet of the Dorsai, the breeding ground for heroes. Here are two of them. Lost Dorsai: The New Dorsai Companion contains the Hugo Award winning novella, "Lost Dorsai," and Dickson's classic short story "Warrior." Plus, the New Dorsai Companion contains, for the first time ever, an all new Concordance of the Childe Cycle--a roadmap of Dickson's massive and brilliant creation. The Concordance will let you know not only in which books or stories a person or place is mentioned, but will give you a brief history or biography that explains their significance i... View more info


By: Dickson, Gordon R.

Price: $1.25

Publisher: N/A: November 1980

Seller ID: 21508

ISBN: 0441160166

Condition: Used - Acceptable

Throughout the Fourteen Worlds of humanity, no race is as feared and respected as the Dorsai. The ultimate warriors, they are known for their deadly rages, unbreakable honor, and fierce independence. No man rules the Dorsai, but their mastery of the art of war has made them the most valuable mercenaries in the known universe. Donal Graeme is Dorsai, taller and harder than any ordinary man. But he is different as well, with talents that maze even his fellow Dorsai. And once he ventures out into the stars, the future will never be the same.... View more info

The Flying Sorcerers

By: N/A

Price: $1.67

Publisher: Ballantine Books: January 1971

Seller ID: 38541

ISBN: 0345023315

Condition: Used - Acceptable

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Image for The Unicorn Girl

The Unicorn Girl

By: N/A

Price: $3.80

Publisher: Pyramid Books: January 1974

Seller ID: 52983

ISBN: 051503391X

Condition: Used - Good

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Time Dweller (Vintage Berkley, S1955) by Moorcock, Michael

By: N/A

Price: $3.00

Publisher: Berkely Medallion: January 1969

Seller ID: 53006


Condition: Used - Acceptable

Creasing on spine and cover. Shows wear, but in good shape. View more info

Image for The Dragon Done It

The Dragon Done It

By: Flint, Eric

Price: $16.95

Publisher: Baen: March 2008

Edition: Book Club

Seller ID: 56306

ISBN: 1416555285

Condition: Used - Good

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Image for So It Begins (Defending the Future, No. 2)

So It Begins (Defending the Future, No. 2)

By: Sherman, David

Price: $9.40

Publisher: Dark Quest, LLC: May 2009

Seller ID: 59068

ISBN: 0979690153

Condition: Used - Good

Experience the Human Cost of War The battle rages on in book two of the award-winning Defending the Future series. Witness sixteen accounts of hardcore military science fiction, from planetside combat to fleet actions up among the stars. Featuring the works of David Sherman, Charles E. Gannon, John C. Wright, James Daniel Ross, Jonathan Maberry, James Chambers, Patrick Thomas, Andy Remic, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Jeffrey Lyman, Jack Campbell, Mike McPhail, Bud Sparhawk, Tony Ruggiero, and C.J. Henderson. Praise for Breach The Hull, Book One in the Defending the Future series Winner of the 200... View more info

Image for Breach the Hull (Defending the Future, Bk 1)

Breach the Hull (Defending the Future, Bk 1)

By: Wright, John C.

Price: $6.00

Publisher: Marietta Publishing: October 2007

Seller ID: 65776

ISBN: 1892669439

Condition: Used - Good

Get ready for plenty of action-packed Military SF as the dogs of war are let loose on an unsuspecting universe in 16 hard-hitting stories. Whether it is dirtside or up among the stars...Hardcore Negotiations Have Begun Features the works of Jack McDevitt, John C. Wright, Bud Sparhawk, John G. Hemry (aka Jack Campbell), Lawrence M. Schoen, CJ Henderson, Patrick Thomas, James Chambers, Jeff Lyman, James Daniel Ross, Mike McPhail, Tony Ruggiero, and Danielle Ackley-McPhail 2007 Dream Realm Award Winner View more info

The Face of Chaos (Thieves World #5)

By: Asprin, Robert

Price: $2.50

Publisher: Ace Fantasy: October 1983

Seller ID: 67224

ISBN: 0441225497

Condition: Used - Very Good

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Flashing Swords! #4: Barbarians and Black Magicians

By: N/A

Price: $6.00

Publisher: Nelson Doubleday: January 1977

Edition: Book Club

Seller ID: 68591


Condition: Used - Good

H19 Gutter Code. DJ has fading on the spine, light rubbing and tiny nicks. View more info

Future On Fire

By: Card, Orson Scott

Price: $2.50

Publisher: Tor Books: February 1991

Seller ID: 83488

ISBN: 0812511832

Condition: Used - Good

A provocative collection of short fiction, edited by one of science fiction's best-known names. Of particular interest are several stories from the cyberpunk school, as well as Pat Murphy's Nebula award winning "Rachel in Love' and Ursula LeGuin's wonderful "Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out Tonight.' View more info

Blood Ties: Thieves' World, Book 9

By: Asprin, Robert

Price: $1.50

Publisher: Ace Fantasy: August 1986

Seller ID: 89035

ISBN: 0441805957

Condition: Used - Good

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King Kobold Revived

By: Stasheff, Christopher

Price: $1.50

Publisher: Ace Books: June 1984

Seller ID: 90625

ISBN: 0441444881

Condition: Used - Good

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The 1987 Annual World's Best SF

By: Wollheim, Donald A.

Price: $2.00

Publisher: N/A: June 1987

Seller ID: 99960

ISBN: 0886772036

Condition: Used - Good

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Image for Legends-Vol. 3 Stories By The Masters of Modern Fantasy (Legends (Tor))

Legends-Vol. 3 Stories By The Masters of Modern Fantasy (Legends (Tor))

By: Silverberg, Robert

Price: $3.75

Publisher: Tor Books: February 2000

Seller ID: 22062

ISBN: 0812566645

Condition: Used - Good

The great anthology of short novels by the masters of modern fantasy. Robert Jordan relates crucial events in the years leading up to "The Wheel of Time" in "New Spring." Ursula K. Le Guin adds a sequel to her famous books of Earthsea, portraying a woman who wants to learn magic, in "Dragonfly." Tad Williams tells a dark and enthralling story of a haunted castle in the age before Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn, in "The Burning Man." Terry Pratchett relates an amusing incident in Discworld, of a magical contest and the witch Granny Weatherwax, in "The Sea and Little Fishes." View more info


By: Haldeman, Joe

Price: $2.00

Publisher: Ace: April 1988

Seller ID: 124529

ISBN: 0441777864

Condition: Used - Good

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Image for Genometry (Ace Science Fiction)

Genometry (Ace Science Fiction)

By: Dann, Jack

Price: $3.25

Publisher: Ace: January 2001

Seller ID: 127726

ISBN: 044100797X

Condition: Used - Very Good

In this thought-provoking anthology, eleven cutting-edge science fiction writers explore both the promise and peril of genetic engineering. View more info

Image for The Mammoth Book of SF Wars

The Mammoth Book of SF Wars

By: Watson, Ian

Price: $6.50

Publisher: Running Press: July 2012

Seller ID: 125088

ISBN: 0762445920

Condition: Used - Good

Over the past 100 years the technology of war has advanced enormously in destructive power. So what will future wars be like? And what will cause them: religion, politics, resources, refugees, or advanced weaponry itself? Watson and Whates present a collection of gripping SF stories which explores a daunting gamut of possible future conflicts: nuclear tactics and enhanced soldiery, terrorism and cyberware, intelligent robotic machines and even war with aliens. View more info

Battle Hymn (America Rising #3)

By: N/A

Price: $4.25

Publisher: Titan Books Ltd:

Seller ID: 130398

ISBN: 1785650904

Condition: Used - Good

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By: A. A. Attanasio

Price: $2.25

Publisher: Harpercollins (Mm): March 1995

Seller ID: 84352

ISBN: 0061090921

Condition: Used - Good

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