Author:William Gibson


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The Peripheral

By: William Gibson

Price: $5.00

Publisher: Berkley: October 2014

Seller ID: 124203

ISBN: 0399158448

Condition: Used - Good

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By: William Gibson

Price: $3.75

Publisher: Berkley: September 1997

Seller ID: 62053

ISBN: 0425158640

Condition: Used - Good

2lst century Tokyo, after the millennial quake. Neon rain. Light everywhere blowing under any door you might try to close. Where the New Buildings, the largest in the world, erect themselves unaided, their slow rippling movements like the contractions of a sea-creature. Colin Laney is here looking for work. He is not, he is careful to point out, a voyeur. He is an intuitive fisher of patterns of information, the "signature" a particular individual creates simply by going about the business of living. But Laney knows how to sift for the interesting (read: dangerous) bits. Which makes him very u... View more info

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All Tomorrows Parties


Price: $4.00

Publisher: Berkley Pub Group: February 2003

Seller ID: 60454

ISBN: 0425190447

Condition: Used - Good

The flow of information is about to be disrupted... Colin Laney, sensitive to patterns of information like no one else on earth, currently resides in a cardboard box in Tokyo. His body shakes with fever dreams, but his mind roams free as always, and he knows something is about to happen. Not in Tokyo; he will not see this thing himself. Something is about to happen in San Francisco... The mists of San Francisco make it easy to hide, if hiding is what you want, and even at the best of times reality there seems to shift. A gray man moves elegantly through the mists, leaving bodies in hi... View more info