Welcome to Trent's Bookshelf


There is a limit of 1 bag of books accepted
for trade credit at a time.
I am not accepting hardcover books.
Regular Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10am - 6pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am - 5pm
 Trent's Bookshelf is a used bookstore located in Elk Grove, CA.  We have a large selection of general interest used books.

For customers of our bricks-and-mortar store we accept books for trade credit. Trade credit can be applied towards the purchase of other books. Our Trade Policy has more information and all the details. 


If you can't get to the store you can use this website to browse our inventory or search for a desired title or specific author, author search should be done by last name only.


Our online inventory matches our store inventory and is updated throughout the day as we add inventory brought in by our customers and sell items off the shelves.


When you find the book you are looking for you can purchase it online to be shipped to your home or you can have a book held by completing the online purchase process selecting STORE PICK-UP for the form of payment and STORE PICK-UP for the shipping method. (You have to select Store Pick-up 2 times, if you are asked for a credit card, go back and select "store pic-up". This will generate an email to the store to pull the books and hold them. It also takes the book out of inventory so it will no longer be available. If you are purchasing the book in-store you can use trade credit for up to half of the purchase price.

Books will be held for 3 days.

On-line purchases to be shipped cannot use trade credit and must be paid for using a credit card.


As a customer of our bricks-and-mortar store we provide several services to enhance your shopping and reading experience. When you establish an account with us we will maintain a reading history for you. Our point-of-sale system will remember the titles you have brought in for trade as well as the titles that you have purchased from us.  This information will help you not make a repeat purchase. When you want a book not currently in our inventory we can create a customer request that lets us know you are interested when a copy comes in the store.